Q&A with Brandon Lofton

(NC House District 104)

Brandon Lofton, an alumnus of UNC and NYU School of Law (where he was awarded a full-tuition academic scholarship and the Root-Tilden-Kern public interest scholarship) is a successful businessman and accomplished attorney in the field of public finance, advising and representing local governments in the process of financing capital improvements. He began his legal career practicing with the renowned civil rights law firm Ferguson Stein Chambers. He is running to represent NC House District 104, in Charlotte.

Brandon is a dedicated and thoughtful leader. He currently serves on the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Housing Advisory Board, which works to end and prevent homelessness. He served as president of the board of directors for the Council for Children’s Rights, which advocates on behalf of children in the Charlotte area.

Brandon is the product of North Carolina's public-school system and the son of a public-school teacher. He credits his mother’s advocacy and the quality education he received in public schools as life-changing influences. Today, he and his wife Kellie are the proud parents of two energetic sons, Caleb (9) and Brandon II (11). As a family they enjoy traveling, being outdoors and time with their dog, Halley.

Q. What makes your district special?

North Carolina House District 104 is one of our best opportunities to help break the supermajority. It’s one of the few Republican-held districts that voted for Hillary Clinton and Roy Cooper. Located in southeast Charlotte, the district has a high percentage of voters with college degrees, a solid base of Democrats and a large number of unaffiliated voters. Many voters in the district are frustrated by the political gamesmanship in Raleigh and are ready to move in a different direction by focusing on what’s best for the district and the state.

Q. What’s one policy idea you’re particularly passionate about?

Our state should be a place that promotes growth and opportunity for all. I am passionate about helping to create the conditions that can make this goal possible. Every child, no matter what zip code they are born into, deserves a fair shot to reach their full potential. While there is no single policy solution that will achieve this goal, we can commit ourselves to investing in and creating conditions that promote increased opportunity. This includes fully supporting our public education system and increasing access to quality early childhood education.

Q. Why should people from outside the state care about what happens in North Carolina?

North Carolina is a battleground state that will continue to be competitive for presidential campaigns. We currently have 13 members of congress and expect to increase this number as we continue to experience rapid growth. What happens in North Carolina can have implications well beyond our state.

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