The Tipping Point Candidates

Every last dollar, every last minute of volunteer time you can contribute will help ensure that this tipping point for our democracy turns into a progressive wave, and not a missed opportunity.
To join Team4NC for our last round of phone banks, or campaigning in North Carolina, sign up at
If you are able to make one last donation – even a small one – we recommend choosing from among the candidates below, who represent the most competitive challengers for the NC House of Representatives. These are the tipping point candidates:

To help win the handful of extra votes needed to elect a progressive woman – and a strong proponent of the principle that we’re all in this together – in the Winston-Salem area 74th district:

To help a small businesswoman and daughter of a Vietnam veteran flip a district made more competitive by the recent anti-gerrymandering court victory:

To help elect a powerful public schools advocate and PTA leader making her first run for public office, and restore a pro-education majority to the General Assembly:

To help a fearless advocate for families win a key Wake County seat:

To help a progressive small businessman and civic leader finish the job in Wake Forest:

To help elect a dedicated public education advocate who represents the Democrats’ best chance in years to win District 103, in Mecklenburg County:

To help a civil rights lawyer, housing advocate, and defender of children’s rights win a flippable Charlotte-area seat:

To help a passionate progressive – and poet! – prove that rural Alamance County can go blue, thanks to a great campaign and the hard work of local organizers:

To help elect a well-loved small-town mayor, and pillar of his community – the perfect candidate to flip Granville and Person Counties:

To help a beloved local weatherman, scientist, and minister change the political winds in the Appalachians:

To help elect a Guilford County community leader dedicated to restoring North Carolina’s role as the progressive beacon of the South: