Q&A with Darryl Moss

(NC House District 2)

Darryl Moss, running to represent NC House District 2, was born and raised in Granville County and spent more than 30 years as a leader in his community. He was elected to serve as mayor of his hometown, the City of Creedmoor in 1999. Prior to his election as mayor he served as a member of Creedmoor's Planning Board, and was elected to the Creedmoor Board of Commissioners. Mayor Moss was active in both the North Carolina League of Municipalities and the National League of Cities.

As mayor Darryl made improving public safety, promoting community and economic development, and protecting natural resources the cornerstone of his commitment to the people of Creedmoor. Throughout his career, Darryl has been a leader to do what is right and fair. He has always put his constituents first, even if that meant standing alone.

Darryl Moss’s top priority is to get people back to work. He knows the way to do this is by giving our children a foundation of knowledge and skill they need as adults. Darryl understands that when we cut funds to education, we are undermining the future of our state.

Darryl will fight for Vance-Granville and Piedmont Community Colleges. At our community colleges, students can learn the skills they need to succeed and industries can train the workforce they need to thrive.

Darryl served as a Commissioner on the North Carolina Environmental Management Commission and worked to adopt rules for the protection, preservation, and enhancement of the state's air and water resources.

In 2008 Darryl was the first elected official—local, state, or federal—to speak out against the National Bio-Agro Defense Facility (NBAF) that the Department of Homeland Defense attempted to site on federal land again in Butner.

Under Darryl’s leadership in 2012 the City of Creedmoor was the first North Carolina municipality to pass an ordinance to prohibit fracking. While that ordinance was overridden by the legislature, it motivated Darryl to sign on to a lawsuit challenging the NC Mining and Energy Commission’s preemption of local authority.

Darryl's community involvement includes volunteering at Granville County Schools, Families Living Violence Free, Vance-Granville Community College Foundation Board and My Future NC.

Darryl attended South Granville High School and UNC Chapel Hill. He lives with his wife of 37 years, Michelle Braswell Moss. They have two daughters; Mary is a 3rd grade teacher and Rachel works in advertising in New York.

Q. What’s your highest priority for your district?

My highest priority for the district will be to restore budget cuts to education in Granville and Person Counties. When funds are cut to education, we undermine the future of our communities and our state.

Q. For people originally from your district, what changes will they see in the lives of their family and friends after you’re elected?

My number one goal is to provide high performing constituent services. There is a full range of dealings that people—individuals, local governments, organizations, business & industry—have with state government. I intend to add value in people’s lives by helping them get things done.

Q. Why should people from outside the state care about what happens in North Carolina?

People from outside the state should care about what happens in NC because our nation needs local, state and federal leaders who believe we are all worthy, we are all equal and we all count. In Darryl Moss they will have a leader who will fight against any and all efforts that callously appraise worthiness and decide who makes the cut and who can be bargained away.

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