Q&A with Erica McAdoo

(NC House District 63)

Erica McAdoo, an NC native, is running to represent the nearly 76,000 residents of District 63 (Alamance County) in the NC House. She is firm manager at the Hillsborough branch of the Paynter Law Firm law firm, where she manages strategic planning, marketing, and operations to ensure the firm can effectively fight for justice on behalf of NC clients.

As a certified paralegal, Mrs. McAdoo is an active member of the legal community, having served as Chair of the NC Advocates for Justice's Legal Assistants Division, and she's published in The North Carolina State Bar Journal and Carolina Paralegal News. She also teaches Civil Litigation at local colleges. Before becoming a egal professional, and with a master's degree in music from Appalachian State University, Mrs. McAdoo served as Associate Director of Raleigh Conservatory of Music.

Q. What’s your highest priority for your district?

Learning about the needs and issues that are important to the people of District 63 so that I can be a voice for them in the NC General Assembly. The issues I’m hearing the most about are access to quality, affordable education; job skills training; and healthcare.

Q. For people originally from your district, what changes will they see in the lives of their family and friends after you’re elected?

They will see a representative who is, and will continue to be, present and active in all of the communities in our district and who is committed to making sure all of our citizens have a voice in the NC legislature. They will see a representative who truly cares about them and their families and wants to ensure that we all have a chance to live, work, and play in a community that embraces diversity and provides adequate opportunities and resources for everyone to live happy, healthy, fulfilling lives.

Q. Why should people from outside the state care about what happens in North Carolina?

NC is rich with talent, natural and human resources, and opportunity. At one time, NC was one of our nation’s leaders when it came to things like education, and we have the potential to be leaders again. But we can only move forward if all of our citizens have a voice. In recent years, because of political and racial gerrymandering, many of our citizens have had their voice stripped away… but people both inside and outside of our state can help change that by helping support NC candidates who will restore justice and balance. In doing so, we can show the nation that there is no room for partisan games, inequity, intolerance, or hate. We must come together as a nation to do what is right, protect our children and families, and find real solutions to the needs facing our state and our country today.

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