Q&A with Rachel Hunt

(NC House District 103)

Rachel Hunt is running to represent the 76,000 residents of District 103 (Mecklenburg County) in the NC House. A daughter of former four-term North Carolina Gov. Jim Hunt, Ms. Hunt is an attorney who operates a college counseling firm and a company that helps Charlotte parents review school options.

She is a board member of the NC Foundation for Public School Children.

Rachel is running against incumbent since 2010, Bill Brawley, who ran unopposed in 2012 and 2014, and won against Democrat Rochelle Rivas in 2016.

Q. What’s your highest priority for your district?

High quality public education.

Q. For people originally from your district, what changes will they see in the lives of your family and friends after you’re elected?

I will fight for everyone to have fair chances in education which will increase the potential for successful jobs. I will work on a fair tax structure. The costs of healthcare are too high and one reason is that our legislators did not vote to expand Medicaid which I would work to change.

Q. Why should people from outside the state care about what happens in North Carolina?

The challenges that North Carolina has faced politically since 2010 are now being mirrored by national politics. If we can win back North Carolina then we can all have hope that Washington too can be turned around.

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