Q&A with Sydney Batch

(NC House District 37)

Sydney Batch is an experienced family law attorney and child welfare advocate in Wake County. Her campaign speaks to the everyday concerns of North Carolinians ignored by the GOP supermajority: quality health care and education, clean air and water, and a fair paycheck. NC-H37 is rated as one of the ten most flippable North Carolina state house districts – and the seat’s Republican incumbent is not running for re-election. Sydney is a top-tier candidate who can win this swing district, but it will be an expensive race!

Q. What’s your highest priority for your district?

In Southern Wake County many parents are concerned about their children's education. They want to ensure that their children receive a sound and quality education that focuses on their children's ability to critically think rather than how to take tests. Many families believe that our public education is underfunded and that teachers are not paid fairly. I agree. We must fully fund public education, raise teacher salaries to at least the national average, and protect art, music and physical education programs. It is also important to expand early childhood education so that all children, not just those born into affluent families can attend early education programs.

Q. For people originally from your district, what changes will they see in the lives of their family and friends after you’re elected?

For families in Southern Wake County I hope that families will experience significant improvements in the public school system. They will see teachers' pay increase and their children's school properly funded. I also hope that they will see an increase in affordable housing opportunities so that all families, not just the affluent, can afford to purchase a home or rent an apartment or home that they can afford. Lastly, I also hope that families will have the ability to obtain healthcare through Medicaid expansion or through a statewide exchange that allows for working families to obtain affordable health insurance.

Q. Why should people from outside the state care about what happens in North Carolina?

Over the past eight years North Carolina has seen a drastic change in our State's General assembly. Once a state that was seen as the progressive beacon of the South, Republican lawmakers have spent their time passing legislation that supports corporations and the wealthy. They have provided other states with a blueprint on how to institute laws and policies that keep them in power. The party has prioritized loyalty to party over loyalty to its constituents. As a result, democracy is under attack in North Carolina. Republicans have successfully gerrymandered districts to benefit Republicans, undermined the independence of our judiciary, and have made it harder for people to vote. We are constantly in litigation due to their illegal tactics. Without the support of those in and outside of our state, the Democratic party may not be able to take over the supermajority that exists in the NC House of Representatives. Without restoring balance, North Carolina will be subjected to ongoing attacks to citizen's civil liberties for a decade or more.

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