North Carolina Is America

North Carolina is an amazing place. It’s the state that gave us Coltrane, Krispy Kreme, and fixed-wing flight. It produces more sweet potatoes and American Idol finalists than any other state in the nation.

It’s also a critical battleground in the fight to defend American democracy.

This is a fight to determine what kind of nation we are going to be—whether or not the USA will be a place where civil rights are respected, voting rights are protected, and government works in the interest of the people. It’s being fought largely at the state level. And nowhere are the stakes as high as in North Carolina.  

    Team4NC is here to help you contribute time, money, or expertise on behalf of the people and organizations fighting for democracy – our democracy – on the front lines, in one of the places where it matters most.

    Some of them are working to restore and expand voting rights, get more voters to the polls, and counter the influence of big money in North Carolina politics. 

    Some of them are working to take advantage of a major opportunity to break the Republican supermajority in the state legislature and give progressives a voice in the lawmaking process. 

    This is no exaggeration: the fate of the progressive project in America depends on their success.

    You have a role to play in this fight. Join us!

    Our Mission

    Team4NC encourages progressive donors to raise funds, volunteer, and advocate for grassroots voter mobilization and voting rights efforts in the critical battleground state of North Carolina. 

    By supporting sustainable, on-the-ground organizations and progressive candidates, Team4NC’s efforts emphasize giving voice to all North Carolinians and minimizing the flaws in our imperfect electoral system.